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Welcome to the world of data science.

Data science is becoming the backbone of businesses of all sizes. From sales records to customer engagement data, there is a wealth of useful information hiding in your eCommerce database.

AutoBizight is the platform through which SMEs can tap into sophisticated analytical reports, which were once the products of customized solutions of privileged large corporations.

Autobizight Platform

Look Deep.
Think Big.

Data analytics is a fundamental prerequisite to know your customers and drive sales performance.

We pull together all your sales data, customer details, costs of good sold, etc. from multiple sources, process the information, and run the sales reports for you in one place, then you see the whole picture. That’s what AutoBizight has to offer.

Automatic intelligence

Smart Dashboards

All datasets processed on AutoBizight’s powerful platform will be transformed into insightful analytical reports, clearly and concisely, in the form of a data visualization dashboard.

You may give your gauge charts and graphs descriptive titles of your choice, set parameters for analysis, and change even the layout of dashboards to suit your needs with a simple drag-and-drop.

Managing sales reports has never been so easy. 

Ease of Use
Any time. Anywhere.

Monitor business performance any time, anywhere

AutoBizight dashboards on consumer behavior and sales analysis are fully accessible. You may review your sales performance from your tablet or smartphone, on the go or from home. 

  • Customer buying pattern
  • Best selling products
  • Shipping locations
  • Month-to-date sales & profit analysis
  • Monthly sales & profit analysis
  • Yearly sales & profit analysis
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Grow Your Business Today!

Uncover business insights from your sales data and see how you may benefit from using AutoBizight! 

Enjoy the 30 days FREE TRIAL of our Sales Analysis Pro.