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Yearly Sales Dashboard

“Yearly Sales Dashboard” visualizes your data between Jan 1 and Dec 31 of the previous year,helping you keep track of your business performance throughout the given interval, on a monthly or quarterly basis.

A must-have for evidence based goal setting

“Yearly Sales Dashboard” (or “Annual Sales Report”), provides a snapshot across all your sales metrics accrued over the last year.  It helps you track and measure actions in the sales pipeline and determine the length of the sales cycle on an average.  Where a higher-level overview is enabled, rolling forecasts and continual planning can be adopted with proactive measures to accommodate any challenges and trends seen.

“Yearly Sales Dashboard” is an extended version of a monthly dashboard, vital in keeping your sales performance in check over the prior calendar year.  

The “prior year” of a yearly dashboard dated 20 July 2021, for example, is from 1 Jan 2020 all the way through 31 Dec 2020.  

While presenting the trends that took place in your sales volume over the entire annum, a yearly sales dashboard forms the foundation for goal setting and effective sales management in the subsequent year.

Annual metrics exhibits seasonal patterns from time to time

Are you seeing fluctuations in sales on holidays or recurring events?

If seasonality is predictable, then how to ride on the expected changes? 

When is a good time to push marketing initiatives and run promotions? 

Any hints from last year telling you when and where to pilot your new campaigns?

Talking about customer acquisition or retention, which one makes more sense to you based on the number of customers and sales volume achieved this and last year?

Providing that past data from a sufficiently long period is available, traceable patterns shall emerge.

Consider segmenting your customers based on their purchases made throughout a year.  If you know where your customers are holding in on the sales funnel, you can market to them more precisely.

Data-centric resource management eliminates guess work.  Let AutoBizight’s prebuilt dashboards make this possible for you.