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MTD Sales Dashboard

“Month-to-date (MTD) Sales Dashboard” visualizes your data between the first day of the current month and the day before the current date, helping you keep track of your daily business performance throughout the given interval.

Fundamental analytics to benefit shopfronts of all kinds

Whether you have an online store or a brick and mortar, “MTD Sales Dashboard” is designed for your close monitoring of your sales performance on a daily basis. 

What is being captured on the dashboard, is the sales data accrued from the period starting from the beginning of the current calendar month up until the present, exclusive of the current date. 

For example, the MTD for the date Feb 20 is from Feb 1 till Feb 19.  “MTD Sales Dashboard” in this case is depicting the data derived within this 19-day period of time, aiming to provide you with an OVERVIEW of how well your business is doing, from some basic perspectives that you should keep in mind as a business owner.

Bust the myths and grow your sales

When handling daily bookkeeping for your shop, do you often look for signs of ups and downs and try to evaluate their impact on you? 

Are you able to react in time to market dynamic shifts?

When launching a new product or marketing campaign, besides hoping for positive outcomes, have you thought of driving better results through data and experimentation?

How does a data informed product strategy ease your doubts on pricing and inventory replenishment?

How is it possible to profit from data while creating value for your customers at the same time?