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Monthly Sales Dashboard

“Monthly Sales Dashboard” visualizes your data between the first and the very last day of the previous month, helping you keep track of your daily business performance throughout the given interval.

Keep track of the sales trend

“Monthly Sales Dashboard” (or “Monthly Sales Report”), is primarily designed for those who need to monitor, evaluate, analyze, and identify trends in your sales data on a monthly basis.  

Comparing to “MTD Sales Report”, “Monthly Sales Report” makes possible review and evaluation of “Key Performance Indicator (KPI)” over a longer duration.  Without having to build your hypothesis on detached cases, you can observe your monthly data collectively and get to know your “sales cycle” better, namely, the time and money involved in the entire customer journey from initial engagement through closing deals. 

Taking in a wider spectrum of information, when you start to examine your sales performance, new customer acquisition, and conversion, more targeted goals can be adopted in different areas to pursue higher business value.

Translate insights of data irregularities into predictive solutions

Monthly report unveils weekly trends and irregularities present in the sales data.You can see whether weekly component has impact on your business —   

Is sales obviously peak on weekends? 

Or if you are running an online store, do sales tend to dip from Friday as people have more time to shop in person?

When planning for new product launch, which day of the week would it engage and benefit your target audience most?

Can marketing budget be optimized based on insights and trends found in the metrics and lead more conversions?

Get going with data-driven decision making using AutoBizight’s pre-defined dashboards,you can craft wisely every step in your sales funnel, recover your vanishing profit, and form a business model that fits best to you.