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Customer Behavior Dashboard

“Customer Behavior Dashboard” visualizes your data between Jan 1 and Dec 31 of the previous year, giving you a quantitative observation of how customers interact with your company throughout the given period, on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Know and target your customers accurately to score success

“Customer Behavior Dashboard” provides an overview into the minds and wallets of your customers with a purchase history last year.  Revealing metrics like average order size, product types purchased, order frequency and intervals, segments they belong to, whether they are new or returning customers and more, this report enables a better understanding of your customers across channels, and brings insights on what’s driving consumer behavior.

In today’s commercial landscape where bricks and clicks retailers use their online and offline stores in tandem, “Customer Behavior Report” allows you to track customer consumption patterns in an interpretable manner.  While customers are differentiated by their engagement profile, customized service and effective communication with targets will come next.  You can then justify and optimize your marketing investment with measurable ROI, and avoid inefficient resource allocation with scattergun approaches.

Be data-centric to become customer-centric

With a goal to uncover how you can better suit your customers’ behavior to increase conversion rate,”Customer Behavior Dashboard” keeps track of relevant reach and engagement metrics of the prior calendar year for your study.  The “prior year” of a yearly dashboard dated 20 July 2021, for example, is from 1 Jan 2020 all the way through 31 Dec 2020.  

Once you have your customer personas established using data collected from the past annum, you can validate the relevance of your strategic axes aligned to their needs and interests in the subsequent year.

A data-driven approach to personalization will effectively reduce frictions along customer journey and shorten hesitation.

Let AutoBizight’s pre-designed dashboards gets you on the path towards personalization, improved engagement, and customer loyalty for revenue growth in ultimate.