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AutoBizight offers various subscription packages to accommodate your data analytical needs. From month-to-date sales report, monthly report, annual sales report to customer behaviour, you will definitely see how analysis facilitated by our data visualization tool help elevate your business to new heights.

Resembling an automobile’s dashboard, AutoBizight displays to business steerer like you instrumentation and controls for daily operation at a glance.  

Composed of measurable numbers that read out how your business “engine” is performing, AutoBizight visualizes all your sales data into gauges and key performance indicators (KPIs), and presents them simultaneously on the same screen to help you easily understand tradeoffs in multiple dimensions.  

Differing from traditional spreadsheets, AutoBizight Dashboards are interactive, allowing you to drill into particular aspects of the display or switch between facets or views of the data.  You can discover trends and patterns from the data, and formulate corresponding strategies for effective management more readily and easily. 


  • Self-service data visualization dashboards
  • Customizable layout
  • Compile all data sources
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile friendly
  • Ongoing support
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Our Service Packages

Consumer Behavior

HK$380Per Month (billed annually)
  • Average order ($)
  • Profit contribution 
  • Average products purchased
  • Average order freqency
  • Average order interval
  • Sales by segment
  • Top selling date
  • Monthly sales pattern
  • Customer list by profit
  • Yearly new sales ($)
  • Top 25 products
  • Two months free
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Sales Analysis

HK$500Per Month (billed annually)
  • No. of orders
  • No. of customers
  • No. of new customers
  • Total sales ($)
  • Total profit ($)
  • Average profit margin (%)
  • Sales by segment
  • Sales by weekday
  • Sales by product type
  • Sales by sub-category
  • Sales & profit by location
  • Monthly sales & profit by day 
  • Monthly sales by segment
  • Hourly sales pattern of the month
  • Top 25 products of the month
  • Two months free
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Sales Analysis Pro

HK$580Per Month (billed annually)
  • Everything in Consumer Behavior
  • Everything in Sales Analysis
  • Two months free
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Sales Analysis Pro

HK$0Worth HK$580
  • Everything in Consumer Behavior
  • Everything in Sales Analysis
  • 1 month free
  • No credit card required
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