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Data analytics for growing businesses

Analyzing your sales data from multiple sources has never been easier. Simply import your data in Excel or SVG to AutoBizight and press a button to convert the data. All sales analysis you need will be shown on the dashboard(s). Start experiencing the art of data science with AutoBizight today!

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How it works

4 Steps Process

Sales Performance at a glance

Our Dashboards

01. Select Dashboard Plan

Choose a subscription plan that meets your needs. Provide your email for authentication, then log in to AutoBizight via the link we will give you.

02. Upload Datasets

Follow instructions to upload your Excel datasets to our platform, then sit back and relax. We'll do all the heavy lifting of data conversion and fix any data quality issues with you.

03. Customize Variables

You have a lot of say on your dashboards. From what to display, which dimension to view from, what chart titles to use, to how you want the layout rearranged, our dashboards' settings are all conducive to your free adjustment.

04. Visualize Data

We make analytics reports easy to read. Taking advantage of visual best practices and perception, our graphs and charts are displayed in the form that optimizes online readability and drives you to act.

AutoBizight’s Data Analytics Dashboards offers a powerful and interactive view into KPIs and OKRs, facilitates business performance analysis and evaluation out of your data all on one screen.

Equipped with customization functions, AutoBizight enables adaptive flexibility in just a few clicks to adjust settings according to your preferences and requirements on your desktop or mobile device. We’ve even got you a handy tool that transforms your data to our data submission template, through which your data quality issues can be identified in snaps of fingers.