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Janet Fung
Behind AutoBizight

We make data analysis easy.

Standing behind AutoBizight, we are a data science company with solid experience in deploying business intelligence and data analytics projects for business entities of all scales. Our skilled teams of professionals have accumulated a prolific profile of servicing government facilities, financial institutions, real estate developers, healthcare, retail and commercial settings, through provision of tailored and fully integrated solutions covering all layers.

Along with the plenteous customized big data solutions being delivered, we have developed AutoBizight, the predefined business analytics reports, which helps transform your business data from omni-channels into intuitive, actionable insights on dashboards with your own hand, facilitating your venture to take off in a quantifiable and verifiable fashion in every step of the way.

Solid Background

We have a distinguished track record for delivering full-fledged, end-to-end analytical solutions across vast industries.


AutoBizight is one of the first self-service data analytical products that allows you to transforn data from different sources into interactive dashboards on sales profit and indepth customer behavior.

Continued Development

While being a great product, AutoBizight will keep developing new features to empower subscribers to excel further in their business goals.

Our Vision

Helping everyone tap into data intelligence and benefit from every substantiated and verified decision they made.


Our Mission

Uncovering hidden business insights using automated data visualization information technology for companies of all scales at an unprecendented cost efficiency. 

Meet Our Team

Janet Fung

Janet Fung

Candy Tung

Dr. Candy Tung

Co-Founder & Data Strategy Director 
Mike Ho

Mike Ho

Tech Lead
Eddie Leung

Eddie Leung

Machine Learning Engineer 

Ho Cheung

Data Engineer 
May Tsang

May Tsang

Data Analyst

Harry Chui

Associate Data Analyst